Thursday, June 10, 2010

Toyota benefits from the spirit of modern adventure

WITH its groundbreaking hybrid power train, celebrity endorsements and innovative looks, Prius is a Toyota community can get a handle on and get excited about.

The newest model is tasked with extending its appeal out of the green niche market and into the conventional. We tried a top spec T-Spirit model to assess its probability.

As you might imagine, there’s a enormous amount of technology at work in the car, making this possible and maximizing competence but to succeed, the Prius needs to incorporate that technology into a user-friendly package. It does a decent job. At 4,460mm long and 1,745mm wide, this Prius is a huge vehicle.

Rear legroom is good but the swooping roofline means anyone over six feet tall will move violently for headroom. The battery pack is located under the boot floor and this means that the baggage space available in is quite shallow but there’s plenty of length and a 445-litre capacity is far from stingy.

The headline figures with the newest Toyota Prius are its 72.4mpg combined cycle fuel financial system and 89g/km emissions.

Unlike a conservative, car the official economy events show the Prius giving similar returns in town and on the open road. The advanced power train adapts to the conditions.

Whether you can mimic these figures in real world driving is a diverse matter but there’s no doubt that the Prius is one of the most fuel and tax competent vehicles around.

The car can be set into ECO mode to enhance financial system or EV mode which uses electric power only for very small distances at low speeds.

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