Monday, December 31, 2012

Google Updated a Post in Travel Products Upgrades

Google Blog spot post and news provides a latest review of recent upgrades of Flight search and hotel booking finder. Google has launched a special search and finder for traveler to find their special budget travel related booking. Google has updating a new algorithm to set up their travel related improvements by mobile search functionality also.

Now Google updating a content that's are related to the travel finder and integrated into some things more interested to read and book their needs by Google search. 

Special Offers for Every Hotel Booking:

Click to Book Advance -Happy New Year 2013 Celebration!!!

Google - some of the things updated to improve their business for past year are the following.

Flight Explorer

This experiment which allows people's to find their less expensive flights at the time of search from google to fly in less expensive to reach their destinations easily.

Planning Complex Itineraries:

Here they have provides a special features to find complete understanding of flight cost search and other features, such wiFi and flight search tool too. And also for more and more Flight tools.

International Flight Cost:

It has provided a more information about international flights cost and timing information's

Hotel Finder:

Google updated their database with full information about the special discounted hotels details for the particular popular booking hotel cities around the world..And also updated special hotel portal websites to book the hotel with same of cost.

Google Inside Search:

Each and every city hotels and their cost and hotels available for booking information's are updated..

Finally, you can easily tap into the collective intelligence of the web to uncover a list of information relevant to your destination, using the Knowledge Graph carousel -- and hopefully, find inspiration.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Existing Pipeline Near DFW May Transport Tar Sands Oil

An existing pipeline just east of Dallas could be carrying tar sands oil through Texas as early as June.While President Barack Obama has stopped Canadian energy companies from building a new tar sands pipeline across the international border, his permission is not needed to ship the heavy crude through existing pipelines.Enter the Seaway pipeline.  It crosses 16 Texas counties, including Grayson, Collin, Rockwall and Kaufman just North and East of Dallas.

During its 36 years Seaway has transported natural gas and crude from the Texas Gulf north to Cushing, Oklahoma.

Now new pipeline owners expect to receive federal permission to ship oil in the opposite direction. And when they do they want to add tar sands oil from Canada, which is a combination of clay, sand, water and heavy, sticky black oil.

Smith:  These are pipelines of poison that are carrying products that are twenty times more acidic.

Tom Smith of Public Citizen says the chemicals and pressure typically used to move tar sands oil make this pipeline conversion dangerous, especially to major aquifers like the Trinity which supplies water to the Dallas-Fort Worth region.

Smith: This isn’t your granddaddy’s crude oil but it is your granddaddy’s old oil pipeline. And as a result it was never designed to be able to handle these kinds of tar sands crudes at the pressures and with the acidity that are going to be pushed through this. This is literally going to eat the pipeline right out. And leaks are more likely.

Rainey:  We feel comfortable that the safety measures in place are going to be adequate

That’s Rick Rainey of Enterprise Products Partners in Houston.  Enterprise and Canadian energy company Enbridge jointly own the Seaway pipeline.  Rainey expects light crude to be the primary product transported, but says the amount of pressure in the line won’t change if it’s used to ship tar sands oil.

Rainey:  When you move crude oil it’s a matter of how fast it can move. That determines how many barrels per day you’re able to move through the line. When the heavier grades come through the line they won’t be able to move as fast.  It will just be less delivered per day.

It appears they won't need state approval to do that or to ship the heavier crude through Seaway.

Monday, July 16, 2012

The best car for the zombie apocalypse isn't a Hyundai Elantra

With Comic-Con transforming the San Diego Convention Center into a fan boy's fantasy land this week, there are numerous movie, book, and video game announcements pouring out, teasing near-future projects. Mixed within are abundant marketing tie-ins. Before getting caught up with the latest super-hero film trailer, it is important to make sure the flashy sponsorship doesn't sway your zombie apocalypse preparedness. Automakers have long found television programming to be an effective, uh, vehicle for promoting their wares. The infectious AMC series "The Walking Dead" has been treated to sponsorship from Hyundai, leading to a Tucson being prominent in the survivors' caravan. (What the show really needed was RV sponsorship...) As a horror/sci-fi/comic fan, I appreciate any corporate support that can see creative programming reach the masses without compromising good story telling. But the latest Hyundai tie-in strikes me as a bit much, the just-unveiled Elantra Coupe (pictured above). Here at Consumer Reports, we rate the Elantra highly. It's well appointed, fuel efficient, and not a bad drive. But when it comes to facing a zombie apocalypse, I would seek mightier iron. To me, and yes I have given this too much thought, the ultimate survival machine must be an SUV with serious off-road abilities. A pickup truck is tempting, but the bed makes it too easy for flesh eaters to scramble aboard. And a fully Mad-Maxed compact coupe, even with a zombie-catcher plow, just doesn't cut it. True survival demands go-anywhere ability, easy egress with a machete, and ample storage for supplies.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Manufacturing 3 Million Vehicles By Maruti Alone

The country’s biggest car maker Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, to transmit one-third of its production by rail have gotten fixed as Haryana State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corp. Ltd (HSIIDC) hasn’t capable to obtain the land needed to put down dedicated tracks from Patli station in Manesar to the company’s plant 18km away.

The compact, intense on dropping its trust on road transport as output is set to rise to three million units a year in the next three-four years, is pushing Indian Railways to set up an option. Besides saving on expenses, wear and tear, transporting vehicles by rail divides the transit time.

Maruti Suzuki official said that the Maruti alone will be developing three million automobiles by 2015-16 and all these automobiles cannot go by road. So a practical option is required.

M.M. Singh, chief operating officer (production) at Maruti Suzuki said that besides ground achievement problems, there is also a question on whether the project should be dedicated wholly to Maruti or be thrown open to other companies. Singh also heads a team of professionals from the automobile industry looking for to increase teamwork with the railways. “Initially, the plan was to get the railway line to Manesar as we plan to move 35% of our total production through (the) railways,” he said.

Maruti, which has industrial unit in Gurgaon and nearby Manesar, now transfers 5% of its production by rail. The quantity of cars that it sends by rail is controlled by the lack of services.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Petrol price hike: Many dump cars, rush to enter public transport

Most recent in circles of petrol price hike has prompted commuters to dump their vehicles and exchange to public transport. In the last 4 days, over 20,000 commuters have switched over to Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) and the Ahmedabad Municipal Transport service (AMTS).

Officials in the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) say the average number of passengers travelling by the BRTS was about 1.08 lakh. Since May 25, this has increased to about 1.13 lakh for every day.

On May 23, about 1.06 lakh passengers travelled by BRTS and on May 25 this increased to 1.13 lakh. AMC officials say more people will switch giving the fact that more air conditioned buses were being introduced. The traffic will further increase by about 18,000 passengers after schools and colleges reopen.

Similarly there was a increase of about 15,000 passengers for every day in the AMTS buses. Officials said the daily passenger traffic in AMTS buses was about 9 lakh. This has touched 9.20 lakh ever since the petrol prices were hiked. Rajesh Patel, who stays near Subhash Bridge says, "I have to travel from Chandkheda to Paldi. I earlier used my two-wheeler but with the increase in the petrol prices, I have decided to use the BRT. I walk for nearly 500 metre to board a BRTS bus."

Friday, May 18, 2012

Holden Inks agreement to Ship Commodore ‘Muscle Cars’ To America

Holden will hit American roads again after more than 15 years of absence in the region, GM Holden report on Friday, and the North American incarnation will come in the form of Australia's venerable sedan, the Commodore.

According to Holden's engineering chief, Greg Tyus, the Australian carmaker will assemble the VF Commodore on its South Australian factory and will start shipping out early 2013.

The United States will welcome the Aussie vehicle as General Motors' Chevrolet SS high-performance sedan, which initially will be deployed on the race car circuits of America's hugely popular and lucrative NASCAR.

Commodore, according to Mr Tyus, will compete in the Daytona 500 if plans push through.

Then, further units will be assembled to mass marketing, with General Motors reportedly planning to sell each Commodore unit as a new generation muscle car, an automotive market segment that Holden said lately has been seeing resurgence in the United States.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cars with an efficiency equal to train

The slightest contaminate cars on sale at the end of this decade will be so well-organized that they match the cleanest of today's speedy electric trains, Richard Parry-Jones told an clever move conference in London.

Parry-Jones, one of the industry's most appreciated engineers, guesses that by 2020, the car trade is targeting just 40g/km of tailpipe carbon, which interpret to 25g/km per passenger when the standard number of tenant in cars - 1.6 - is factored in. That number is similar with today's most professional electric trains; "that's an outstanding growth when you think that the typical average was 140g/km in 2000," said Parry-Jones.

He also expects that bright cars that inter-communicate with one another and traffic management systems are the future of the car trade. In addition to this he said that the networked vehicles below digital power are going to become the future of car manufacturing.

The previous Ford engineer is now top of the industry-government Automotive Council and chairman-designate of Network Rail.

The transport minister Justine Greening at the conference said that the British road network needed improvement to manage with a potential 44 per cent boost in traffic. He also said that the passage increase like that would put our country under a crippling damage. Around £1.5bn will be used up on national and local road improvements with a further £2.3bn mark down for major roads. 

Though, hope for road development may center on public-private finance initiatives. Greening told that, “With the Treasury we are looking at attracting extra economics from private financiers”.

The government is trying to convince British pension’s finances to spend in transportation in return for trustworthy, long-term financial returns. She said that they are also in need to use these roads more cleverly.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Car delivery plant plan is in doubt in Geelong

A map to shift Victoria's car shipment focal point to Geelong, creating an estimated 1000 jobs in the region, could be put on hold. 

The Department of Transport is accomplishing viability learning into moving car imports and exports from Melbourne to the Port of Geelong.

Enlightening the $1.2 billion redevelopment of the Port of Melbourne, Ports Minister Denis Napthine said cars could be distributed either from Geelong or Webb Dock in Melbourne. He also added that this is the closing piece of the jigsaw in terms of our study of the car deal. 

"The car deal has specified they would favor to reside in Melbourne and there are some issues in terms of land availability in Geelong."

Dr Napthine said a statement on the state's car shipment hub would be made in a while. He said in February 2011, changing the hub to Victoria's second-largest port would be a main financial boost for the Geelong region.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Warners Move toggles to Toyota

Warners Transport Company - The most important Perth-based transport company has improved its operation in the year 2011 after switching to Toyota forklifts.

Warners Move company focuses in small to large scale transportation and warehousing services for a broad variety of clients across many different industries that also includes the West Australian mining sector.

According to co-owner Shane Warner the company endows in a fleet of new Toyota forklifts and arrives at trucks to put back those of another brand and immediately collected the benefits last year.

Warner said that they put the forklifts through a tough job and they are tremendously consistent and easy to operate - overall they're a real step-up for our day-to-day operations. He also added that Toyota forklifts have a standing for the best excellence in the industry, and that was an important feature to us as permanence over a 10-year period is an absolute must.

Warners Transport company has acquired four 32-8FG25 forklifts and one 32-8FG30 with container poles to meet the difficulty of its hectic Welshpool warehouse, where forklift operators all move between five to 20 containers per day.

Warner said that our large workload becomes more manageable because of the safety features and running performance of the Toyota forklifts and in addition he said that my operators have told me the equipments are quieter and more easy to use with easier controls than those we previously used.

Warner told that Toyota forklifts are also better balanced and more constant when cornering, which is very important when heaving such heavy loads.

Warner adds that a tall stage of service and sustain guarantees the forklifts remain in optimal running condition. Toyota represents a service schedule and they are in contact with us all the time to make sure the units execute correctly. Warner said that we will get a mechanic within an hour or two if we encounter a problem.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Transport Reviews with Enterprise Auto Transport

Right now the owner of Enterprise Auto Transport Company is Rena Anders - a sales agent.

Rena Anders has a key in the extremely aggressive auto transport industry. The main motto of Rena is service before the deal. Based on some background researches it is found that their service is honest and well-informed. Rena will go on to offer customers world class service with her new business Enterprise Auto Transport just as she did at Total Car Shipping.

It is found that the customers will be gifted to get online quotes powered by Enterprise Auto Transports website and Ms. Anders is only a phone call away. Rena conveyed that she will offer a straight forward honest approach while providing quotes to the customers and in addition she said that she don’t believe in hard selling and we just give the facts. Rene CEO of Enterprise Auto Transport said that we stand not only for honesty something the company stands for, but also we will become one of the most accountable transport companies in the country by not charging an upfront deposit until we have provided our service.

Anders said that they are very much thrilled with this new start on and in addition she added that they are excited to compete against some of the biggest transport companies in the business and give them a run for their money.“My company is here to take the pressure out of the transport process and make it as easy as likely for our customers by hiring the best agents and only the best transporters”, said Rena.
Anders believes that she will receive her customers trust by not charging an upfront deposit and she feels that charging an upfront deposit is untruthful and leaves room for people to be less than honest about their quotes because of commission. She said that her company makes no money until they provide the service period and it keeps us honest. It seems that Ms. Anders was very transparent about her business dealings and after checking out her past reviews from previous employer Total Car Shipping it is obvious customers are in good hands at her new company.