Friday, January 28, 2011

US consulate car had fake number plate

LAHORE: The US consulate vehicle, a car, which was used in Mazang Chowke occurrence in Lahore, carried a fake number plate, Geo News report Friday.

Sources said the car, which knocked down a youth to kill the deprived who was identified as Abadur Rehman, had a number LZN6970.

As par investigation, the real car registered under this number, was owned by Sufi Munawwar Hussain, a occupant of Sahiwal district.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Car Insurance Claims Increase Due to Bad Weather

Statistics have shown that the terrible weather in UK, last December has led an increase of 23% on car insurance claims. This event caused a rapid enlargement of insurance firms in the country, making drivers and car owners to subscribe for an wound firm, even if they have not suffered from any car damage.

According to AA research, UK’s car insurance premiums have increased at about 6% to an regular of £843, wherein, home insurance premiums have only increased at approximately 7% for a £143 average. The biggest augment in car insurance premiums was caused by teen drivers, aged 19-22, who pay at about 60% more to an average of £2,251 for their car insurance.

In addition, the company stated that the cause of boost was also due to the increasing number of injury claims, which also comprise frauds, such as; “cash for crash” schemes, exaggerated injury claims, uninsured driving and poor savings returns.

Monday, January 24, 2011

McLaren Automotive Prices McLaren MP4-12C for US

A couple of month ago, McLaren Automotive announce the pricing for the MP4-12C for the European and UK markets. Now the automaker is reverse in the news, and has announced the US pricing of the super car. The company has price the MP4-12C at $231,400 in the United States, which include a $2,400 in shipping fees.

The company said it has plans to build up to 1,000 12C’s in the car’s first full year, with production set to augment down the line. The McLaren MP4-12C will be obtainable through 11 dealerships in the North American market.

The McLaren MP4-12C will come prepared with a 3.8 liter V8 engine that can deliver power of up to 600-hp and a torque of 443 lb-ft. The supercar is believed to be intelligent to sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 3 seconds, while achieving top speeds in excess of 200 mph. The car is also expected to weigh in lower than similar supercars at 2,867 lbs.

The company has plans to offer an extensive range of personalization options to the vehicle, which is offered in 14 interior trims that can be particular inside the cabin. Performance upgrades in the McLaren MP4 12C include a sports exhaust system, carbon ceramic disc footbrake, polished-finish calipers and two lightweight forged wheel options.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bajaj to bring out Ultra Low Cost Car in 2012

Bajaj Auto will unveil the Ultra very low cost car in 2012. The little car will be direct competition to the cheapest car in India so far, the Tata Nano. The Pune-based Bajaj Auto is developing this little car and it will be marketed by the Renault-Nissan alliance. The low price car is designed keeping the Indian customer in mind.

Bajaj already benefits from a enormous following that the company has in the two-wheeler market and it will not be very tricky to convert those riding on two wheels as customers of the ‘yet-another-one-lakh-car’. We wonder that the Bajaj small car (may be named Lite) will be motorized by a 600cc rear-mounted engine that will drive the rear wheels. So, the subsequently year be geared up to see this USD 2,500 significance car hit the Indian roads.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Car thieves can easily hack remote keyless systems

In the recent times we see that the automakers offer fashionable and stylish remote key fobs. They are trendy and permit the option for a much better and stylish way to opening your car door. This particular automatic devise has been the bone for contention in the latest times as we see that this particular devise could be hacked simply by professional hackers and this lead to a gala time for all the auto thieves. In order to address this issue, the car makers have to come up with a fresh and improved brand of key fobs.

As the case stands in the current times, we see that this is a function that has enabled the car thieves to unlock the car lock and swindle the car by the time you return from your shopping. The car with the keyless entry and having the push button system, similar to the one with 2009 Lincoln MKS, is shown here.

Well in case of a Ford Motor we see that it has the function of remote key fobs. And if we try to appreciate the basic structure of the same we will see that there are not many compensation that it serve. It is seen that if your car own a remote sensing machine, then too it requires a key. This is the area where bad guys cannot take advantage even though they can get inside the car simply. Car keys are the best and this provides a lot of safety to the cars. Whereas if a car is run only by a remote sensing machine this can be a cause of fret as the remote can be easily hacked by hackers. The hacking set up is easy but not easy at all. All it requires is a special type of antenna and a close nearness to the victim. This can be of immense help in case of hacking.

Monday, January 17, 2011

VAT Free Offers

It is still possible to beat the VAT amplify as many manufacturers have some implausible VAT free offers.

It is still possible to beat the VAT increase as many manufacturers have some extraordinary VAT free offers. Huge savings are currently available, Skoda’s ‘we’ll pay the VAT’ deal can save up to roughly £3000 on some of the dearest cars. Citroen have cut £2000 from the list price of the popular Citroen C3 super mini.

Suzuki is extending their VAT gratis offer on the Suzuki Alto SZ3 and SZ4 models until the end of March. In addition to the VAT free present Suzuki has introduced further affordability options with low rate PCP schemes on the Suzuki Alto and Suzuki speedy models. Hyundai have a implausible offer for 2011, they have decided not only to freeze the VAT but actually pay the 20% VAT on selected Hyundai i10, i20 and i30 console models as part of a range of VAT offers for 2011. Hyundai’s 20% contribution will be valid until the ending of March.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fire drama follows Willenhall collision

This was the dramatic scene when a car collided with another and rupture into flames in the Black Country.

A Land Rover Discovery and Ford Fiesta collide in Lucknow Road, Willenhall, at about 12.40pm yesterday.

The male driver of the Land Rover, aged 70, is believed to have suffered a heart attack and misplaced control.

The collision sent the Fiesta ploughing into another three cars, setting it on fire, with flames spreading to the Land Rover.

Both drivers managed to get out of their cars before firefighters from Bloxwich and Walsall arrived to put the fire out.

The Land Rover driver was taken by ambulance to fresh Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton, while the female driver of the Ford Fiesta was given a preventive check-up at the scene by paramedics. Crew commander Phil James, from Bloxwich Fire Station, said: If we hadn’t of gotten there it would have extend further.

Engineer Wayne Millard, elderly 45, saw the drama unfold as he was driving behind the Land Rover Discovery. He said: The cars that were parked were moved about 20 to 30 yards when they were strike.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Chevy Volt wins North America Car of the Year

General Motors latest electric car, the Chevrolet Volt, has won the 2011 North American Car of the Year award.

The Chevrolet Volt was lately named as the most likely electric vehicle that US consumers would buy in a survey, has triumphed over other electric contenders to win the popular award.

The Chevrolet Volt is General Motors latest electric car and wins the company the coveted award for the fourth time.

Other finalists integrated other electric cars, the Nissan LEAF and Hyundai Sonata.
This is the third time Chevrolet has win the North American Car of the Year, and the fourth time for General Motors (GM).

The Volt runs on its electric battery for 40 miles before switching to a petrol powered electric motor that extends the driving variety to more than 370 miles.

Speaking on receiving the award, GM CEO Dan Akerson said that since development began GM believed the Volt had the possible to transform the automotive industry.

Being named the North American Car of the Year will help convince customers that the Volt is really a breakthrough vehicle, delivering the benefits of electric driving without the range nervousness associated with pure electric vehicles, said Akerson.

The Volt will retail at $40,280 and GM predicts it will sell 10,000 in 2011 and between 35,000 and 45,000 in 2012.

The Washington Post feel the winner of The Car of the Year award 2011 highlights what some enthusiast say they hope will be an industry-wide turn to alternative fuels, which so far has proved to be more assure than reality.

The European version of the Chevrolet Volt, the five-door, four-seat Opel/Vauxhall Ampera, will go on sale belatedly 2011.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Renault's tasty cabinet filler

THIS car makes you sick. It is competent of cornering so hard that you might develop motion sickness as a result of the G-forces on your tummy.

Best drive the Renault Sport Megane Trophee hard on an unfilled stomach.

It’s Renault’s hero car and what a hero car it is offering superb concert and handling as well as stunning looks in a package pitched at a reasonable $41,990 for the Cup model, $5000 more for the Trophee.

Based on the new Megane chassis, the RS Trophee we drove is debatably one of the quickest and best handling front-drive cars available right now? It’s unquestionably the most excellent looking.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Potholes Ahead For UK Car Industry

New car registrations rose during 2010 but there is strong proof of a rocky road ahead for the UK car industry this year.

Figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders say 35,847 more fresh cars were sold previous year compared to 2009 - a rise of 1.8%.

But it seems fewer people got a latest motor for Christmas, as registrations plunged by 18% in December - a drop to 123,000 vehicles.

The SMMT believes car sales could fall by as much as 5% this year.

The proof is backed up by the story of 2010 - with volumes up 19.9% in the first half but falling 13.8% in the second half.

It says the step change was a reflection of the elimination in March of the Scrappage Incentive Scheme, introduced by the Labour Government to boost the industry through the financial crisis.

Over 100,000 cars were registered through the plan in 2010, around 5% of the total market.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Supercars in lift-off mode

Sprint times of approximately five seconds were once the benchmark for go-fast cars. Not anymore, not when a high-performance flyer from mainstream carmaker Nissan can scoot from a standing create to 100km/h in a claimed three seconds.

But the Nissan GT-R is not the quickest off the blocks - that title has been claim by Lamborghini's latest supercar, codenamed LP837.

The all-wheel-drive substitute for the Murcielago launched itself through to 100km/h in a claimed 2.9 seconds, one tenth of a second faster than the GT-R.

Nissan was testing the 2011 GT-R before Christmas at the Sendai Highland Raceway, in Japan. Its engineers said the time would have been even quicker had the road temperature been elevated than the 13C.

Witnessed by a group of Japanese journalists and recorded by a V-Box measure device, the standard production R35 model GT-R took just 3.046 seconds to reach 100km/h from a reputation start on the circuit's main straight.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Prince Charles 'insisted on Rolls Royce' for night car was attacked

Prince Charles insisted that he and the Duchess of Cornwall concentrate the Royal Variety performance the evening their car was attacked despite warnings from his defense team about their safety, it has been reported.

The Prince also insisted on travelling in the high-visibility Rolls Royce Phantom rather than a lower-profile Jaguar, the Daily Mail claim.

The Jaguar would have made the convoy more supple as it had a better turning circle and could have used side roads, a basis said.

The revelation came as disturbing footage of the moment a mob descended on a car carrying the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall shows that a woman in her twenties was one of the major protagonists.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ford Focus electric car debuts at electronics show, not car show

We've long suspected that Ford Motor is so profound into electronics that it's not so much manufacturing cars as it is making transportation apps. The newest word about the Ford Focus electric car does nothing to dissuade us.

Ford says it will unveil the battery-power Focus, going into production belatedly this year, on Friday at the big Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, not at the Detroit auto demonstrates in two weeks.

The Detroit show, formally the North American International Auto Show, is the most prestigious car show in the U.S. because it gets the most support from automakers and draws the biggest media throng. Of course, that means automakers have to work oddball angles to stand out amid the clamor at the NAIAS. Using the CES is Ford's answer.

Ford, having learned the art of milking better than a dairy planter, says the CES nugget is only a taunt, and more info about the Focus EV is to come. The Focus EV is based on the not-yet-launched 2012 gasoline Focus little car, meaning that Ford didn't have to create an inimitable (read expen$ive) electric-car chassis.

Focus EV is predictable to have a battery range of about 100 miles. That's the same as the Nissan Leaf electric that went on sale final month.