Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Porsche Releases new high performance bicycle

Porsche Bike S

The folks at Porsche Designs have entered yet an additional new market as they have introduced a line of high performance bicycles offering high performance features and a very high price.

It's nothing new for a car manufacturer to dig into the world of bicycles to get its branding on a different sort of vehicle, but as with most things, when Porsche does it, it just appears well.

Porsche high performance bicycle

Through Porsche Design, the company has just introduced a duo of two-wheeled people-powered machines, and yes, they're nice-looking cool.

Porsche Bike RS

The more affordable of the two bikes is the Porsche Bike S, which starts with an aluminum frame and forgoes a typical chain drive in favor of an 11-speed belt drive system that's pretty interesting. It has 29-inch wheels, weighs about 26 pounds and will cost 3300 Euros when it goes on sale in Europe in September.

Porsche Bike RS

There's no cite of US pricing, but a release does say the bikes will come to "worldwide markets." They both also include serial numbers linked to a Porsche database that indicates whether that used bike you're purchasing is stolen.

Porsche Bike RS

For further serious bikers, there's also the Porsche Bike RS. Instead of aluminum, its frame is formed from carbon fiber, dropping its overall weight below 20 pounds. It has a traditional chain drive with 20 speeds and Shimano XTR components, 29-inch wheels, and disc brakes. It also has a steep price of 5900 Euros.

If you're already spending $100,000 for that new Cayenne Turbo, though, don't you think a set of these on top would just look great?

new high performance bicycle

Friday, July 22, 2011

Toyota’s new pre-crash technology is taking control of the car

Toyota logo

In an unstoppable race to cut down the number of car accidents, united with the newest achievable technology, the Japanese auto maker Toyota is working on an unusual safety system which will take control of the car’s steering to avoid accidents so the vehicle can veer away when it isn't able to stop before impact.

New Pre-Collision System (PCS) from Toyota will use a super sensitive radar called “millimeter-wave” radar and two cameras with infrared night vision and, according to the manufacturer, it will take control of the steering wheel and “change the direction of the vehicle” to avoid hitting an object.

Toyota’s new pre-crash technology

The vehicle computes how braking and steering must be applied to avoid a crash, said chief safety technology officer Moritaka Yoshida.

"We must learn from accidents and keep making improvements in safety features," he said.

Toyota said it was aiming for zero fatalities and injuries, although it did not say when that goal would be attained.

Another system on which the Japanese car manufacturer is working is an advance of the automatic high-beam headlights, where the technology can partially shade the high-beam lights to prevent blinding.

And if this wasn’t sufficient, Toyota is also working on a system which will notice the driver’s heath and in case of a sudden cardiovascular irregularity it can warn the driver or stop the car.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Here’s what watch out for before you buy a new car

1. What engine size do you want?
What is under the hood is as important as what you see on the outside and what you do not see under the vehicle. A slow under-powered car can be very irritating if you travel long distance often. If you only require the car to get to the office 10 kilometers away in frustrating jams then a smaller, more economical engine is best.

2. How much money must you spend on a car?

You must first and foremost decide your short-term and long-term obligations. How much money can you spare without changing your lifestyle? If you have saved up and the cash is in the bank, then you have an even bigger trouble because there is nothing worse than having money at the ready and a list of gorgeous cars calling out to you.

3. How many seats do you require?
The passengers you expect to carry helps you determine the number of seats your new car must have. Your wife is expecting and you will now have three at the back with the child seat taking up most of the space. Count a house-help and you have it. You are looking at a 7-seater.

4. How long do you plan to keep the car?
If you plan to sell the car after two or three years what do you expect to get for it and will that amount go into financing your next car? If the answer is yes then you should ensure the value of your car is going to hold. Some cars lose about 50per cent in the first year while others hold up to 80per cent.

5. Will you be taking a loan or are you self-financing?
Today most financial institutions are offering unsecured loans so you are not obliged to buy a car that is less than 5 years old although it is recommended. This means you can afford that car of your choice. Take your time to do your homework. You might be better off with a new car than forking out millions only to have eternal mechanical troubles.

6. What’s the condition of the roads you often use?
The roads are your link to your destination. What are they like on your regular way? The car you choose must have the neccesary ground clearance to keep away from the annoying battering of the undercarriage. You must also pick out the size of rim and tyre carefully. Low profile tyres look nice but will cost you thousands of shillings to replace.

7. Are you looking for a diesel or petrol powered engine?

This is a very puzzling decision to make. Diesel engines are very efficient and the new generation ones are quiet and environmental friendly. Bigger engines consume less while smaller engines perform better. If your do high mileage then you will need an engine that goes longer without needing service.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Cumbria's M-Sport launches two new rally cars

Ford Fiesta MS1

M-Sport has launched the new Ford Fiesta Regional Rally Car (RRC) – a variant of the Ford Fiesta RS WRC - to customers at the Cumbria-based company’s testing ground at Greystoke Forest this week.

The new Ford Fiesta RRC is based on Ford’s Fiesta RS WRC which arrogated a podium clean sweep at the FIA World Rally Championship season-opener in Sweden earlier this year.

Both cars share the same DNA but the Fiesta RRC features a 30 mm engine restrictor and aerodynamic modifications to qualify for the regional regulations. The RRC is supplied as a WRC variant with a kit of parts to enable it to be changed over to WRC specification in six hours.

Ford Fiesta RRC

The Fiesta RRC is directed at rallying’s most experienced drivers and marks the next step for drivers in their career after the extremely successful Ford Fiesta S2000.

The car is built to comply with FIA regional rally rules and the versatility of the car lets it to compete in national championships in its RRC guise but also in the World Rally Championship in its WRC variant. The Fiesta MS1 will complement the Ford Fiesta R2 and turn out to be the first step in Ford’s ladder of opportunity.

The MS1 is intended as the initial step for drivers in global markets including the USA, China, India and South America. Facebook pages have been set up to watch the progress of the new Fiesta RRC and Fiesta MS1 as they contend in regional rallies throughout the world.

M-Sport Managing Director, Malcolm Wilson OBE, said:

“We are delighted to introduce the new Ford Fiesta RRC and the Ford Fiesta MS1 as both cars offer competitors more flexibility to help further their rallying career. M-Sport have been looking to expand the range of rally cars available to our customers and the latest additions have allowed us to provide two extra rungs to Ford’s ladder of opportunity.

The Fiesta MS1 offers drivers an introduction to rallying at an affordable level whereas the Fiesta RRC/WRC provides experienced drivers with the highest level of rally car but also includes the necessary components to convert it into a regional rally car. I look forward to revealing our new cars to the world rallying scene and to monitoring their performance in regional championships across the globe.”

Thursday, July 14, 2011

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Friday, July 1, 2011

World's 'most efficient' electric car unveiled by Gordon Murray

Gordon Murray has unveiled an electric car he claims is the most efficient in the world.

The T.27 shares its design with the ultra-compact T.25 city car revealed last year, and uses the same innovative manufacturing processes to deliver a three-seater EV with a 100 mile real-world range.

Gordon Murray Design's new model gets a modified 33bhp electric motor mated to a single-speed gearbox. The T.27 is limited to 65mph, but is said to hit that speed in less than 15 seconds.

It will return that performance while using significantly less energy than its rivals. According to Murray's company, the Smart EV uses 29 per cent more energy per km, with the Mitsubishi iMiEV and Mini-E on 36 per cent and 86 per cent.

Like much of the designer's work, the secret here is the T.27's low kerbweight. Murray has delivered a realistic electric car which weighs in at just 680kg, including the normally prohibitively heavy battery.

On unveiling the car, Murray said: ''Lightweight is the most powerful tool we have in our armoury in the fight against emissions and fuel expenditure. This is true of all cars and especially so with electric vehicles.''

The T.27 is intended as another showcase of Gordon Murray Design's new iStream manufacturing method, and turning it into a production actuality depends on someone investing in the entire process.

That could just be a matter of time though, as the firm is said to already be in discussions with three interested parties.