Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Coda electric sedan to be priced at $44,900

Coda Automotive, the California based electric car corporation, is set to start delivering the first gesticulate of its electric compact sedans this December for a price-tag of $44,900, before state and federal incentives. Federal incentives will bring the starting cost down to $37,400, and with California state incentives considered, the final cost could be as low as $32,400.

Originally, the car will be marketed by way of 600-square-foot retail stores located in San Francisco and Los Angeles shopping malls, with a flagship store in Santa Monica slate to open in the spring of 2011. Coda expects a total of 17 retail locations up and operating by the end of 2011, when CEO Kevin Czinger expect 14,000 vehicles to have been sold. All of the locations will be factory-owned, which is a advantage to consumers, as it translates to no delivery or destination charges applied.

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