Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Car Catches Fire in Proctoville Accident

PROCTORVILLE, Ohio -- A two-car accident sent at slightest one person to the hospital Wednesday morning.

It happened just after 8 a.m. on Irene highway in Proctorville, Ohio.

Dispatchers said one car caught flames and firefighters had to cut one person out of a vehicle.

Ohio State Highway Patrol, EMS, and the Union Township Fire Department responded to the car crash.

One woman was moved by EMS to a hospital.

The Ohio State Patrol is investigating the reason of the car crash.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Video: Aussie father clasps infant as car hits

SYDNEY — Dramatic video footage has emerged of a father saving his newborn son by clutching consistently to him as a car strike the man.

The traffic mishap happened in the western Sydney suburb of Penrith in 2008 and was transmit for the first time Monday on Australia's Nine Network.

The security camera footage shows a car plowing into Andrew Leach as he held his son Hayden on a sidewalk close to a shop front. Leach's parents, standing close to, were hit, and the baby's empty stroller was knocked flying.

Leach held the baby to his upper body as he was pushed into the shop window and had his legs pinned by the car, which nine said was driven by an aged woman who had lost control of the vehicle.

As the car not interest down, Leach said he thought if they strike the back of me, break a leg or whatever, that's fixable. But if they strike my son, he's not fixable.

Leach said the program his son was unhurt.

Leach himself was shown climbing out from between the car and the shop front and was not poorly hurt. Both his parents were hospitalized with injury, but survived, Nine reported.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Anyone in chappals or lungi can be a Mercedes owner

Wealth generation in India is happening on a massive scale and anyone exhausting plain clothes and chappals can be a Mercedes Benz owner, a top official of the luxury car creator said on Monday.

Wilfried Aulbur, the auto company's managing director, said there was no way one could profile a person from his outward appearance as a potential Mercedes Benz customer.

In India, persons exhausting plain white shirt and pant or lungi and chappals can buy the car (Mercedes Benz), Aulbur told reporters, inaugurating a dealership close to Panaji.

Aulbur also said that lesser cities like Aurangabad, Bhubaneswar, Jaipur and Panaji were the next frontier for the luxury car makers.

We are looking at a 25 per cent expansion in these cities. There is a enormous wealth generation happening in India, he added.

Citing the example of Aurangabad, Aulbur said this Maharashtra city was an example of the changing and expansive lifestyle of lesser cities in India.

There is an order for 125 Mercedes Benz cars in Aurangabad. This shows the significance of such cities to us.

He said there were approximately 250 cars already on the roads in Goa, despite the fact that the state did not have a full-fledged dealership until currently.