Friday, March 25, 2011

Mercedes Benz USA Gives the SLS AMG GT3 a Walk-Around

Mercedes Benz’s US division has launched a five-minute video devoted to the stunning SLS AMG GT3. The company’s Assistant Product Manager, William Vetter, was present at the Amelia Island Concours D’Elegance to show off the car and offer an in-depth look at the many unique features.

The racer got a lot of concentration at the event, thanks in part to its white paint that has a matt finish. The body kit is not something that should be ignored either, as wide use has been made of lightweight carbon fiber. The big splitter and the winglets at the front force the front down. Unlike the production car, there are air vents on pinnacle of the wheel. Other aerodynamic modifications include a cowling in the sides that are used to cool the rear brakes.

The hood features a central opening for the taking out of heat from the engine, while side openings in the front fenders facilitate air flow through the wheel arches. Weight optimization measures comprise the application of extremely lightweight polycarbonate for the side and rear windows and, if specified, for the front windshield as well. The most famous piece of the car is the huge rear wing that produces down force a can be adjusted.

Vetter then moves on to the interior of the car and the racing navigation wheel, which features paddle shifters. One of the most attractive features of the interior is a button that detonates two pyrotechnic charges that blow up the doors if the car is upside-down.

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