Monday, March 19, 2012

Transport Reviews with Enterprise Auto Transport

Right now the owner of Enterprise Auto Transport Company is Rena Anders - a sales agent.

Rena Anders has a key in the extremely aggressive auto transport industry. The main motto of Rena is service before the deal. Based on some background researches it is found that their service is honest and well-informed. Rena will go on to offer customers world class service with her new business Enterprise Auto Transport just as she did at Total Car Shipping.

It is found that the customers will be gifted to get online quotes powered by Enterprise Auto Transports website and Ms. Anders is only a phone call away. Rena conveyed that she will offer a straight forward honest approach while providing quotes to the customers and in addition she said that she don’t believe in hard selling and we just give the facts. Rene CEO of Enterprise Auto Transport said that we stand not only for honesty something the company stands for, but also we will become one of the most accountable transport companies in the country by not charging an upfront deposit until we have provided our service.

Anders said that they are very much thrilled with this new start on and in addition she added that they are excited to compete against some of the biggest transport companies in the business and give them a run for their money.“My company is here to take the pressure out of the transport process and make it as easy as likely for our customers by hiring the best agents and only the best transporters”, said Rena.
Anders believes that she will receive her customers trust by not charging an upfront deposit and she feels that charging an upfront deposit is untruthful and leaves room for people to be less than honest about their quotes because of commission. She said that her company makes no money until they provide the service period and it keeps us honest. It seems that Ms. Anders was very transparent about her business dealings and after checking out her past reviews from previous employer Total Car Shipping it is obvious customers are in good hands at her new company.


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