Monday, November 2, 2009

amazing continued existence in Jordyn Beach

A teenage girl who survived being flung over a bridge and into the river below when a van complete of her friends collided with a car crash on Saturday morning is amazingly nursing just a broken arm and a cut to the head.

Jordyn Beach, 17, was one of three who were catapulted out of the van and into the shallow water 15m below when the head-on crash happened just before 2am on a bridge close to Taradale.

Jordyn's boyfriend, Havelock North High School student Robert Waikari, 17, and his friend Max Harman, 17, fell alongside her but were establish dead in the river when police arrived.

Jordyn managed to walk out of the river and up to the road where she was met by police inward to help.

Her mother, Barbara Beach, the proprietor of Diva Bistro and Bar in Havelock North, said her daughter was "sensitively distraught".

She had been discharged from Hawke's Bay hospice yesterday afternoon.
"She has a kaput arm and a big slash on her head but she is coming exact," Mrs Beach said.

Police had come to their house in the premature hours of Saturday to tell them of the crash.

an extra Havelock North High School student, 16-year-old Tamoko Christy, had been driving the van and police said she had been drinking.

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