Thursday, November 12, 2009

Passenger airplane to be crashed in desert for Channel 4 documentary

Two pilots will parachute from a passenger jet before it crash-lands at high speed in an empty desert as part of a scientific research to be screened on television next year.

Viewers will be capable to watch as the pilots board the plane before setting it on a accident course for the Channel 4 documentary.

Plane Crash is expected to give scientists precious information about how aircraft react in potentially fatal accidents.

The 300-seat wide-bodied passenger jet will be loaded with cameras and sensors, along with crash test dummies taking the place of passengers and group.

The landing site will be filmed from each angle.

Broadcasters anticipate the footage and data will give scientists an 'unprecedented insight' into what happens when a plane crashes, enabling experts to study how areas such as seat belt design, seat bargain and overhead baggage can have an impact on passenger safety.

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