Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Three Brit 'villains' die in Dutch cash robbery

Three British men were killed and two others were poorly injured after a high-speed police pursue in Holland.

previous the group were allegedly involved in blowing up a supermarket cash machine.
Two men, aged 21 and 27, from Liverpool and a 25-year-old Londoner died as a result of their injuries.

Police said money enclosed in antitheft dye was found inside their car. A Dutch police spokesman said: "It all started at 3am on Saturday when we got a call about a robbery at an ATM machine at a superstore in the small village of Driel, not far from Arnhem.

The men moved quickly. We started a pursuit but it all ended awfully soon.

Half an hour later it was report present was a car crash in the centre of the Netherlands.
There were five people in the car and there were lots of similarities with the people seen in Driel.

One man died immediately, the other man died later that day and the third man died on Sunday.
He added: They died for nothing as the cash was ineffective as it was covered by blue dye released routinely by the ATM machine when it was attacked.

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