Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Private Russian jet crash near to Minsk

A Russian jet disappeared from radar screens on move toward to the capital of Belarus. Marat Romashkin, the director general of S-Air company, was on board.
The luxurious Falcon plane was flying from Vnukovo airport in Moscow to Minsk-2 airport. The plane was not capable to land at the first attempt and went around, then it disappeared from radar screens, RBK reports.
The BAe-125-800 jet belonged to S-Air company. According to first round information, five persons – three crew members and two passengers – we on board. The remains were found 4 kilometres from the runway, close to the village of Drachkova (the Smalyavichy district, the Minsk region).
As Interfax learnt from the centralized Air Transport Agency (FATA), one passenger missed the flight.
According to unsubstantiated information of RIA Novosti, the director general of S-Air company Marat Romashkin was on board.

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