Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Car thieves can easily hack remote keyless systems

In the recent times we see that the automakers offer fashionable and stylish remote key fobs. They are trendy and permit the option for a much better and stylish way to opening your car door. This particular automatic devise has been the bone for contention in the latest times as we see that this particular devise could be hacked simply by professional hackers and this lead to a gala time for all the auto thieves. In order to address this issue, the car makers have to come up with a fresh and improved brand of key fobs.

As the case stands in the current times, we see that this is a function that has enabled the car thieves to unlock the car lock and swindle the car by the time you return from your shopping. The car with the keyless entry and having the push button system, similar to the one with 2009 Lincoln MKS, is shown here.

Well in case of a Ford Motor we see that it has the function of remote key fobs. And if we try to appreciate the basic structure of the same we will see that there are not many compensation that it serve. It is seen that if your car own a remote sensing machine, then too it requires a key. This is the area where bad guys cannot take advantage even though they can get inside the car simply. Car keys are the best and this provides a lot of safety to the cars. Whereas if a car is run only by a remote sensing machine this can be a cause of fret as the remote can be easily hacked by hackers. The hacking set up is easy but not easy at all. All it requires is a special type of antenna and a close nearness to the victim. This can be of immense help in case of hacking.

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