Monday, January 17, 2011

VAT Free Offers

It is still possible to beat the VAT amplify as many manufacturers have some implausible VAT free offers.

It is still possible to beat the VAT increase as many manufacturers have some extraordinary VAT free offers. Huge savings are currently available, Skoda’s ‘we’ll pay the VAT’ deal can save up to roughly £3000 on some of the dearest cars. Citroen have cut £2000 from the list price of the popular Citroen C3 super mini.

Suzuki is extending their VAT gratis offer on the Suzuki Alto SZ3 and SZ4 models until the end of March. In addition to the VAT free present Suzuki has introduced further affordability options with low rate PCP schemes on the Suzuki Alto and Suzuki speedy models. Hyundai have a implausible offer for 2011, they have decided not only to freeze the VAT but actually pay the 20% VAT on selected Hyundai i10, i20 and i30 console models as part of a range of VAT offers for 2011. Hyundai’s 20% contribution will be valid until the ending of March.

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