Thursday, January 27, 2011

Car Insurance Claims Increase Due to Bad Weather

Statistics have shown that the terrible weather in UK, last December has led an increase of 23% on car insurance claims. This event caused a rapid enlargement of insurance firms in the country, making drivers and car owners to subscribe for an wound firm, even if they have not suffered from any car damage.

According to AA research, UK’s car insurance premiums have increased at about 6% to an regular of £843, wherein, home insurance premiums have only increased at approximately 7% for a £143 average. The biggest augment in car insurance premiums was caused by teen drivers, aged 19-22, who pay at about 60% more to an average of £2,251 for their car insurance.

In addition, the company stated that the cause of boost was also due to the increasing number of injury claims, which also comprise frauds, such as; “cash for crash” schemes, exaggerated injury claims, uninsured driving and poor savings returns.

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