Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Direct Line offers winter driving guidance

Car insurance supplier Direct Line has advised drivers to take care on winter roads and offered its top tips for getting behind the wheel in hazardous conditions.

According to the firm, to avoid having an accident, and in turn rising their car insurance premiums, drivers should ensure that their wiper blades are in high-quality condition and use de-icer so they have good visibility.

It is also advisable to drive gradually and leave plenty of distance between cars in case the roads are icy.

Direct Line advised people to be conscious of other drivers on the road and give them more warning than customary when turning, stopping, or changing lane and to approach corners extremely carefully.

The insurer also told anyone who is planning on fitting snow tyres to help them cope with the winter weather to inform their car insurance provider as a few may class it as a modification and charge an extra premium.

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