Thursday, December 30, 2010

Eitech's Race Car Construction Set: Ja, Bitte!

The Germans are known worldwide for their engineering cleverness. Some of us here at TrulyObscure daydream about one day owning our own BMW (take a spin in one and you will appreciate). Thus, it comes as no surprise to discover German metal construction toy company Eitech. Eitech offers a extensive range of building sets for young, developing minds, ranging from their Beginner line of plastic sets for little children, to metal construction sets that include tiny starter sets, mid-range sets, solar sets, experimental emotional sets, and large sets with over 1,000 pieces for the experienced builder. In fact, Eitech products are credited and used in German schools (not a bad idea for the U.S. education system to consider).

We tried our hand at the Eitech Classic Radio Control Race Car Construction Set, designed for children 8 years and up. Including over 350 parts made of high-quality steel, we found ourselves both exhilarated and slightly frightened. But, keeping in mind these sets are designed for children, we determined to give it a go. Thankfully, the set includes a step-by-step set of illustrated instructions. Instructions can be hit or miss (we’re looking at you, Ikea), but Eitech’s instructions were clear and simple to follow. What is enormous about this kit is that a variety of different race cars and off-road usefulness vehicles can be built. Once one car is built, it can be taken apart and a dissimilar vehicle can be made. The auto is powered by a 2-way remote control (batteries not included), and can zip along fairly fast. A 9-volt block battery is included to power the car. All essential tools are also included in the set.

Our race car looked quite stylish and exceptionally shiny when we finished building it, attracting attention when we took this baby for a spin on the San Francisco streets. Amazon sells this set for $99.99 as well as a variety of other Eitech construction sets at a variety of prices that can fit every budget. Other Eitech sets include locomotives, dump trucks, construction cranes, and ingenious solar panel-powered vehicles and wind turbines. What better way to get the future generation to grow up green? These sets are a enormous gift to develop the minds of creative children and, for that matter, adults.

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