Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Trailer-Lift enables on-site servicing and repairs to vehicles

Trailer-Lift looks like a traditional vehicle trailer but incorporates a specially modified scissor lift which means that servicing and repairing vehicles can be carried out from the customer’s office or house.

This is seen as a new income stream and puts no limits on income generated by their service departments. It seems that car owners and dealers and favor this option which avoids disrupting their busy lives and Service Managers save cash on courtesy cars as well as boosting profits from increased business. And of course Trailer-Lift provides car fleet managers with that superfluous facility to help keep their vehicles on the road delivering winning results for their customers.

Trailer-Lift managing director, Tim McCullagh, says that this is becoming a very accepted trend with car dealerships and general car maintenance companies around the globe. The product was originally invented to maintain rally cars at events as there are no garage facilities or electricity contribute. However, we are experiencing amazing curiosity from countries all over the world for a multitude of uses.

The trailer can transport vehicles and raise them in the air for inspection, repairs or display. The hydraulic lift is powered by a self-sufficient 24v battery which can be charged from the towing vehicle; therefore no external power supply is necessary.

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