Thursday, December 2, 2010

US Auto Industry Gains 17% in November

According to Auto data, automakers’ sales for November totaled 873,323 cars and light trucks, which are up by nearly 17 percent from the year-ago total.

It was another solid rise for the automobile industry in the United States previous month, lifting expectations for a strong finish to the year specially with the typically robust holiday sales season looming. The results lifted the seasonally attuned annualized sales pace to 12.26 million vehicles.

Ford, General Motors (GM), Chrysler and Honda are among the numerous others, which reported a gain of as much as 11 percent more. Ford GM and Chrysler cited burly sales of pickup trucks, sport-utility vehicles (SUV) and car-based SUV’s dubbed crossovers.

On the other hand, Toyota was one of the little makers that saw a decline. The company’s sales dropped 3.3 percent, which was forced by a 17 percent drop in sales of its cars. Toyota said that a shift by buyers to trucks and SUVs caused the refuse, although Nissan and Honda showed no ill belongings from that trend. Nonetheless, the car sales industry made an overall increase of about six percent so far this year, while truck sales soar as much as 17 percent.


  1. ...But in Europe, I heard, is 11% less:-)

  2. Yes, the business has been boosting since the low paid jobs have been left by people and they have started to move frequently due to low global financial situation.



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